Featured Services

Immunogen and antigen preparation

  • Recombinant protein production and cell line development
  • Peptide and compound design and synthesis
  • In vivo transfection

Binding assay and bioassay

  • Well-established assays
  • Assay development before animal immunization
  • Facilitate hybridoma screening and antibody characterization

Animal immunization

  • AAALAC accredited and licensed animal facility
  • Multiple SPF species: mouse, rat, hamster
  • CPSJ mice with superior immune response
  • Transgenic mice for fully human antibody generation
  • Genetic immunization

Hybridoma development

  • High fusion efficiency electrofusion available
  • Guaranteed success for positive hybridoma
  • ELISA/Acumen screening and customized functional screening
  • Isotyping/epitope binning by ELISA and affinity ranking by Biacore

Antibody production

  • Working and master cell banking
  • In vitro, in vivo production and affinity purification
  • Low EU purification for bioassay and in vivo study
  • Rigorous quality and functional testing
Key Technologies
  • SPF animals and multiple species/strains
  • Specialized animal strains with superior immune response to membrane protein targets
  • Transgenic mice for fully human antibody generation
  • Novel tolerance breaking technology for high homology and conservative antigens.
  • Proprietary genetic immunization
  • Extensive and successful experiences in antibody generation for GPCR, high homology and other difficult targets
  • High throughput protein based and cell-based screening platforms.
  • Well established binding and functional assays