Fully Human Therapeutic MAb Discovery
  • ChemPartner’s proprietary fully human naïve phage library with diversity ~10^11. Efficient library selection and screening with high-throughput robotics.
  • All V-genes were amplified with high fidelity from diverse healthy donors. Stringent cloning procedures ensure a high percentage of functional clones in the library.
  • Independent VH, VL libraries maximize V-gene recovery and facilitate subsequent affinity maturation with chain shuffling
  • All V-gene families are individually cloned and assembled, maximizing library diversity and reducing gene bias due to PCR cloning.
  • First major naïve antibody library built with predefined V-gene composition to match the human immune repertoire

CP naïve library V-gene composition matches the natural repertoire

Affinity Maturation
  • Kd improvement to sub-nM to pM;  Binding kinetics (off-rate) improvement
  • Both scFv and Fab formats may be used to generate CDR mutagenesis libraries
  • Libraries are panned against biotinylated Ag at decreasing concentrations in solution
  • To select for pM binders, off-rate selection method is employed. Unlabeled antigen is used for competition
  • Enriched clones are produced in 96-well format, and final ranking with high throughput screening robotics
  • Best clones identified for full IgG conversion and extensive characterization by Biacore and bioassays
  • Standard timeline with full IgG delivery:  3 months for final KD~nM;  4-5 months for final KD~pM


Comprehensive Drug Property Optimization of MAb Candidates
  • Specificity, cross-reactivity
  • Germlining, immunogenicity reduction
  • Drug stability (thermal, chemical & proteolytic)
  • Expressional level, solubility, manufacturability
  • IgG reformatting, Fc engineering, antibody fragments, fusion proteins, scaffolds


CP HTP Screening Platform: semi-rational mutagenesis library, automatic screen with two Tecan Freedom EVO Workstations, up to ~10^4 variants per day ;