Protein-Protein Interaction

Captured method

ka (1/Ms)kd (1/s)KD (M)

Amine coupling method

ka (1/Ms)kd (1/s)KD (M)

Protein-protein binding analysis using Biacore. The left figure is about binding of antigen to antibody. The right figure is about binding of a molecular chaperone GroEL to cochaperone GroES.

Protein-compound interaction

Case 1: KD=126 mM

Case 2:
KD=144 nM; kd=0.13 s-1

Case 3: KD=1.97 nM; kd=0.02 s-1

Biacore binding assays developed for more than 30 enzymes with small molecules or peptides. These figures show the affinities we have tested range from mM to nM.

Fragment Library Screening

Example: Screening plate results

Example of selected hits: KD in several hundred µM

Fragment library screening service using Biacore T200 and 384-well plate. 350 fragments can be screened every day. This chart shows an example of screening of 3600 fragments. 41 hit were selected for further affinity characterization.