Cell functional assays

Cell proliferation/viability

  • CellTiter-Glo cell viability assay
  • MTT/MTS cell viability assays
  • Direct cell counting by HCA
  • Clonogenic assay
  • Ultra-low attachment assay
  • 14-day long-term proliferation assay

Anchorage-independent growth (3D growth)

  • Soft agar colony formation assay

Cytotoxicity: LDH release assay


  • FACS (AnnexinV & PI)
  • Caspase 3/7 Glo
  • Cell death detection ELISA(Roche)

Multiplexing cellular function

  • live/dead/apoptotic cells all-in-one

Cell Cycle: FACS

Tumor cell migration: Transwell assay

Cell signaling assays
Protein Phosphorylation        
    • Western blot
    • Cell-based ELISA
    • AlphaScreen SureFire
    • High content analysis
    • MSD
    • FACS
    • Nanopro
  • Nuclear Translocation
  • Reporter Gene Assay

Cell-based Metabolite Assays using LC/MS/MS - To support cancer metabolism programs
  • 4 cell-based metabolite assays are being carried out routinely, to guide SAR in various programs
  • The candidate compound from one of such programs is now in Phase I trail
  • We newly developed metabolomics platform, in which >100 metabolites can be quantified simultaneously in one single cell extract