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This is an exciting opportunity to contribute towards expanding the next generation of antibody discovery capabilities at ChemPartner, a leading Shanghai based Contract Research Organization specializing in drug discovery services. As more and more Pharma and Biotech companies look for alliance partners to increasingly provide intellectual contributions and exceptional technical expertise, ChemPartner is uniquely positioned to not only be a Life Science CRO, but to be a pharmaceutical alliance partner. With a team of over 2000 experienced scientists, hundreds of western-trained pharmaceutical industry leaders, and experienced Pharmaceutical Executive Leadership at the helm, ChemPartner is aligned and dedicated to technically and strategically accomplish the research initiatives of Pharma and Biotech companies globally. Further information can be found on our website at

This position will be based at ChemPartner’s South San Francisco facility.

The position:

We are seeking a technically savvy, highly motivated associate scientist with excellent attention to detail to expand antibody discovery capabilities at ChemPartner using the Berkeley Lights Beacon B cell cloning platform (  This position is a unique and impactful opportunity to contribute towards expanding the antibody discovery capabilities at ChemPartner.  Specifically, the candidate will become proficient in troubleshooting and optimizing binding and other functional assays, such as binding/blocking, cytokine secretion or reporter assays on the Beacon.  The ideal individual will have a combination of experience culturing mammalian cells, developing robust assays and an affinity towards learning, mastering and troubleshooting cutting edge technical instrumentation.  The successful candidate must possess a combination of strong hands-on technical skills, outstanding interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills to work effectively and collaboratively with geographically diverse teams.

ChemPartner offers a strong compensation package including salary, 401(k) and a comprehensive benefits package.


  • Become proficient with the entire single B-cell cloning workflow from isolation of B cells using magnetic or sorting techniques, to screening for hits on the Beacon platform, to single B cell sequencing of hits identified on the Beacon
  • Develop a range of target-specific functional assays such as FACS binding/blocking assays, ELISA, cytokine release, signaling, proliferation, cytotoxicity and reporter assays
  • Experience culturing a variety of mammalian cells, including primary, cancer and immune cells
  • Translate and optimize functional assays on the Beacon platform, become proficient with software analysis tools for Beacon data and summarize clearly in presentations
  • Meet regularly with project teams to discuss progress and troubleshoot technical issues to ensure project tracks with time lines.
  • Generate and maintain a cell bank, including expanding, banking and tracking inventory
  • Maintain equipment in biology lab including procuring accessories, setting up or renewing service contracts and serving as point of contact for equipment needs.
  • Document experiments thoroughly and in a timely manner in electronic notebooks


  • BS/MS in Biology, Immunology or related field with 8+ years industrial experience in large or molecule drug discovery.
  • Experience developing, optimizing and executing a diverse range of cell-based functional assays to characterize drug candidates
  • Experience culturing immortal and primary cells is essential, ability to perform immune cell isolations, immune cell staining and differentiation techniques is a plus.
  • Experience with FACS and plate based readers, with data analysis using FlowJo, SoftMax Pro and GraphPad Prism.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively through written or oral presentations is necessary along with a positive attitude and attention to detail.
  • Ability to multi-task, organize and execute a diverse set of activities in a changing environment, often under time pressure is essential.
  • Previous experience with instrumentation such as Berkeley Lights Beacon or Carterra LSA is a plus
  • Experience with surface plasmon resonance for affinity or epitope binning of antibodies is a plus.

Please send your resume to quoting reference number 21005 C in the subject line.

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职位描述 负责完成常用剂型的创新药、仿制药处方工艺筛选及优化等制剂药学相关研究工作。 评估项目可行性,把握项目难点,制定处方工艺研发方案,执行项目计划书。 掌握项目进程,指导3-5名组内研发技术人员,撰写项目进度及开发报告,完成相关中、英文申报资料。 管理并维护相关仪器设备,保证实验室的正常运行与研发合规性。 与客户进行前瞻性的研发策略交流,根据项目实际进展情况,适时地对项目策略和计划进行必要调整,必要时起草补充协议或撰写审核新方案。 参与BD,对商业化活动提供必要的科学技术支持;参与或主导新客户访问接待或电话会议。...


职位描述: 有丰富,扎实的有机合成经验,熟练掌握有机合成、产物分离与结构鉴定技能; 熟悉现代有机合成技术和药物化学专业知识,能设计多步复杂的有机合成反应;能设计并合成小分子药物; 熟练掌握文献检索手段,熟练阅读(包括英文)文献和书写英文; 熟练掌握各种常见有机化学专业软件/数据库和办公软件的应用; 熟练编写中文和英文工作报告; 负责研发团队合成项目整体管理工作,包括方案选择与制定,沟通实施,进程把控,项目评估等; 负责研发部门技术难点问题的指导处理; 按照公司安全及GMP质量控制规范,负责工艺优化,与相关部门紧密合作完成中试生产。...


职位描述: 负责研发团队的日常管理和业务指导,保障研发团队高效运行。 领导研发团队根据项目要求,制定研发流程和工作计划执行并指导具体研究工作; 负责制定研发团队的目标计划和绩效考核体系,不断提高研发团队效率。 配合 BD 部门负责市场业务推广,保持与客户的紧密沟通。 职位要求: 有机合成、药物化学等相关专业,博士及以上学历; 15年以上知名医药公司或 CRO/CDMO 原料药技术研发和管理经验,深刻理解CDMO业务的特点和要求; 至少5年以上技术研发团队管理经验,具备系统的原料药研发及工艺技术开发相关经验;...


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