The History of Cancer Drugs

Presented by Dr. Jie Jack Li, Vice President of Discovery Chemistry at ChemPartner

Anticancer drugs have experienced a revolution during the last decades with the emergence of kinase inhibitors as targeted drugs and immune-oncology. This webinar covers a history of small molecule anticancer drugs from the perspective of a medicinal chemist. It starts with a brief discussion of the etiology of cancer and then moves on to review eight classes of cancer drugs. All scientists in oncology, especially medicinal chemists, will find this webinar informational and entertaining.

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Drug Discovery Advanced with Modern Externalized Models

Drug Discovery Advanced with Modern Externalized Models

Presented by Dr. Sarah Lively, Vice President of Innovation and New Technology at ChemPartner Abstract: The world of external support to advance drug discovery has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. We are now in a position where we can truly rely on external...


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